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Well Child Exam

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Every parent wants the best for their kids, and when it comes to their health and wellness, well-child exams are an essential need. For parents in Aurora, Colorado, the primary care providers at Guardian Angels Health Center are a wonderful resource for well-child exams, and can ensure your little one is on track to stay as healthy as possible. To learn more about well-child exams, call the office or schedule an appointment online today. 

What is a well-child exam?

A well-child exam is an appointment aimed at assessing your child’s health and development. For most kids, well-child exams are the most common type of visit that the team at Guardian Angels Health Center provides as a part of adolescent care. 


Your little one transitions to well-child visits after they complete newborn care, which usually happens before their second birthday. Very little changes during this transition, except for the need for fewer vaccines than when they were a baby. 

What happens during well-child exam visits?


The initial portion of your child’s well visit involves gathering data on their current state of health. You can expect a quick check of their height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, and other vital signs. 


You also have plenty of time to ask questions and express concerns to your child’s provider during well-child visits. Parents should never feel that their questions are too simple or too many — this is the right time and the right place to ask anything you like. 


When your child is very young, most of the visit centers on communication between you, as the parent, and your child’s provider. As your little one grows older and becomes more mature, the focus shifts to communicating directly between them and their provider. This helps your child develop a trusting bond with their doctor, setting them up for a lifetime of good health. 

How can I help if my child is fearful of medical visits?


Many kids go through a phase where they’re afraid to go see a doctor. Some have heard scary stories from friends or family members, while others have had previous negative experiences during medical treatment. 


In some cases, there is no clear cause for anxiety surrounding medical care. If your child doesn’t want to come in for their well-child exams, you might consider bringing them with you to your next physical exam. Once they see there’s nothing to fear, they might begin to look forward to their own appointment. 


To explore the many benefits of well-child exams, call the Guardian Angels Health Center office or schedule an appointment online today.